Why You Should Use Blogs in Your E-Newsletters


Does your business have a blog and an e-newsletter? If you’re not sharing blog content in your newsletters, you’re missing out on some great opportunities. Here’s five reasons to include blog content in your e-blasts. 

E-Newsletters Can Drive Traffic to Your Website

Typically with blogs or anything else posted to your website, users will find those pages either from the keywords on those pages appearing as a result on a search engine page or by directly going to those pages. To help people who don’t regularly check your website blog page for new blogs, including them in the e-newsletter you send out to your e-newsletter subscribers lets them know about this new piece of content. It’s a great way to get more page views.

E-Newsletter Lists Can Target Different Audiences

It’s likely that your brand or business has a few different target audiences, from established customers to target customers or leads. By creating different e-newsletter lists, you can get your blog posts distributed to those different audiences.  For example, some of your blog posts may appeal more to established customers, so you can send those blogs via e-newsletter to your established customer list.

E-Newsletters Can Tell a Story

Many successful emails or e-newsletters keep it short and sweet. If there is a topic you would like to elaborate on, such as details on a new product or service your brand or business offers, highlight the key points in the e-newsletter and then link to the blog on your website, where you can elaborate.

Blogs in E-Newsletters Create a Content Mix

It’s easy to get into the routine of sending out emails and e-newsletters that heavily focus on the products or services your brand or business offers, but doing only this will come off too sale-sy and deter customers. By adding blogs to your e-newsletters, you’re creating a mix of content that can show off more than just what you sell. This can help keep subscribers engaged.

E-Newsletter Schedules Keep Your Brand Top-of-Mind

E-newsletters can be sent out on a regular schedule. They can act as an inbox reminder to your email subscriber lists that new content is on your website that they may be interested in looking at–namely your new blogs.

Since you take the time to craft both blogs and e-newsletters for your brand or business, maximize the effectiveness of both by incorporating your blogs into your e-newsletters. With Dataczar Connect, you can easily incorporate your website blogs into your scheduled e-newsletters.

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