Email Automation: Why Schedules are Important


Email marketing is a pillar of digital marketing. It’s affordable, easy to use, and it gets your message out to people who are interested in hearing it. If you use a good email marketing platform, you’ll have access to analytics that will let you know how your email performed - who opened it, and who ended up on your landing page as a result.

Creating an email marketing communications schedule that you stick to is as important as creating amazing email communications that you send out to your subscriber list.

Build Relationships via Email

You may have heard before that owning a business is reliant upon the relationships you build. This is true, and it’s true when it comes to your marketing efforts.

If customers know to expect a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly newsletter from your business, they will be on the lookout for it in their inboxes around that time. Setting a schedule and sticking to it shows your customers that you’re dedicated to solid communication. People on your email list have opted in to emails from your business at some point, so sending them these communications on a regular basis helps keep that relationship alive, and even makes it stronger by showing your commitment.

Establish Expertise and Boost Sales

When you send consistent email marketing messages and ensure that those emails contain relevant information to your audience, this will help build trust between your business and your subscribers. This trust can help establish your business as an expert in your field. When businesses are viewed as experts in their field, it is then more likely that your subscribers will pay attention to what your business is saying, trust your business, and eventually even become a customer. After all, customers typically choose to work with someone they trust and view as an expert.

An email’s content should be useful, not simply a sales pitch for your business. It may seem natural for your email marketing to heavily emphasize sales, new products, and calls to action encouraging readers to “buy now”. But too much of this may actually lead to a lower open rate and more people unsubscribing from your business’ emails.

Improve Email Open Rates

The final advantage to setting an email automation schedule and sticking to it: an improved email open rate..

If your business instead opted to not automate emails and send them sporadically, your email open rate and click rate would likely be lower.

Creating an email schedule and setting up to automate your email marketing is an easy process that can be done on many popular platforms from Mailchimp to Dataczar Connect to elevate your email campaigns and your business. 

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