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These days, the internet lets us connect with people from anywhere in the world. Whether you are writing a travel blog, creating a podcast about wellness, or running an Instagram fan account for your dog, social media means there’s room for everyone! 

But to be successful, you have to be familiar with a LOT of platforms to create a cohesive online presence. You have to have a website, a newsletter, email marketing, an e-commerce site, and the list goes on and on. It can feel impossible to keep up with all the online platforms. 

That’s why we created Dataczar, a simple way to streamline all your sites on one straightforward platform. As a US-based company, we know how tough it is to get a business off the ground, so we wanted to help the “little guy” get the most out of the internet, without having to spend all their time, or all their money, on web design and marketing. 

At Dataczar, we offer custom solutions for success, ready to go from day one, making it easy for influencers and entrepreneurs to thrive because when you win, we win! 

We are a team of engineers based in San Diego, California and we are passionate about creating automated solutions. But we know not everyone shares our love of data. That’s why we designed a platform that simplifies online branding, from business email marketing services to web design, videos, and more. Our affordable, easy-to-use marketing platform allows people to get back to what they do best while we handle the coding. 

With Dataczar, influencers, artists, business owners, and more get a platform for website design, branded email marketing, and social media integrations that drive engagement, increase their following, and help them find success. 

Creating an online presence may seem difficult but that’s only because you didn’t have us! Our dashboard provides real-time insights so you know who your audience is, and what they are connecting to, so you learn what’s working. With tutorials, videos, support topics, and step-by-step how-to guides, Dataczar is designed to teach you, not confuse you. If there is something you don't understand, our support team would be more than happy to help, because your success is our success.

With Dataczar, you can get all the internet tools you need to engage your current following, grow your fan base, and connect them to your content, be it tiny hats for cats or your podcast on conspiracies. 

Dataczar gives you all the best tools for websites, emails, and social media, seamlessly integrated, and automatically customized.

We believe in you.

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