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Whether you are an entrepreneur, podcaster, or social media star, you need more than just influence, you need a cohesive online presence. Dataczar is an all-in-one website platform with tools that let you build a blog, website, newsletters, emails, and more, then connect it to your social media. With Dataczar, you can turn influence into success.



“What's in a name?” -Shakespeare

The biggest branding mistake you can make is creating a domain no one can find! Stay connected to your followers by creating a domain name they know and funnel fans to your website where they learn, shop, and engage.

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Who We Are at Dataczar


Dataczar was created by a team of engineers in San Diego, California. We wanted to help people achieve their dreams, whether that dream is a business or a blog. 

We are passionate about providing the best platform to build a website with straightforward solutions and easy-to-use tools that help artists and entrepreneurs thrive. With Dataczar, you can efficiently market yourself without wasting time or money designing, coding, or trying to learn a new interface. Here you can streamline your channels on a single platform and make success a whole lot simpler. 



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All-In-One Marketing Solution

Looking to send emails to your listeners? Want to design a site to sell merch? Hoping to create a space to connect with fans? 

How about all of the above?! 

Dataczar is the platform that does it all. With custom website packages and automated email marketing functions, you can take back your time and get back to doing what you do best.


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