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Whether you’re a start-up or entrepreneur, you are just a few clicks away from a powerful digital marketing presence. With Dataczar you get domain hosting, website building, email marketing and so much more.



The biggest branding decision you make is your domain name. It's how you stay connected with your satisfied customers and your prospects discover you!

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About Dataczar


At Dataczar everything we do is to make you more successful in your business.  We are a team of engineers based in San Diego, California, and we are passionate about creating automated solutions.

We developed an affordable platform that allows people to effectively market their business or themselves without spending hours of their time coding, learning new interface, or testing out different platforms that focus on just one marketing approach.



Our All-In-One Platform

Whether you want to automate emails to your audience, collect leads on your website, or integrate your online store, Dataczar seamlessly connects all of the your channels in a streamlined, simple-to-use platform!


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