How to Create a Website that Ranks in Google Search


One of the top ways to make sure that new users are finding your business’s or brand’s website is to make sure that it shows up, or is a website that ranks, in Google search results.  You’ll want to create a website that ranks in Google search results related to your brand or business name, product or service offering, and the top keywords related to your offerings.

Include Keywords On Each Page

Your website likely has more than one page, so an important tip to make sure that you are creating a website that ranks is to include relevant keywords on each page. Furthermore, make sure that you are including these keywords that you want to have your website rank for early on in your pages’ content and even the page titles.

For instance, if you are a plumber, you will want to create a website that ranks for plumbers in the city you are located in. To help increase your chances of ranking for this, including a page titled “plumbing services” and try to include “plumbing” and your city’s name in multiple page’s content.

Include Enough Content

Google likes to link people to websites that are the best fit for what they are looking for, so if your website is just one or two short pages, Google may not rank your website higher because they don’t view it as having enough value for searchers.

Instead, build your website with basic pages like a home page, about page, products or service offerings page, contact page, and blog page to begin. On each of these pages, focus on including keywords that you would like your website to rank for along with high-quality content that accurately reflects what your brand or business is offering.

Ensure Your Website Loads Quickly

Google and other search engines don’t favor websites that take too long to load. This is because if a user clicks on a search result for a website that does take too long to load, they are likely not going to spend any time waiting for it to load.

Making sure that your images are sized appropriately for the screen along with their file size, making sure your hosting service does regular maintenance to keep your website running, and ensuring that any links you include are working properly are all good ways to optimize your website to load as quickly as possible.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

For the majority of websites now, more visitors view the website on their mobile phones than on a desktop computer. With this in mind, Google ranks websites favorably that is optimized for mobile viewing but that is also compatible to be viewed on a desktop.

Before publishing anything new on your website, preview how it will look on mobile to make sure the formatting is mobile-friendly.

 Google sees more than 5.6 billion searches per day, meaning that if you effectively create a website that ranks in Google’s search results, you have the potential for your brand or business website to organically reach millions of people.

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