How to Optimize for Mobile


Mobile devices make up over 50 percent of all web traffic. With this in mind, you can imagine how critical it is to optimize your website for those viewing it on a smartphone like iPhone or Android. This will create a better user experience for them and help ensure they spend more time exploring your website. 

Here are some tips about how to optimize your website for mobile devices. 

Keep It Short and Sweet 

Mobile devices always have smaller screens than desktops, laptops, and tablet screens. With this in mind, keep elements like headlines, page text, and page length concise. 

If the headline or page text is too long, this will create a situation where a user has to scroll excessively to read all of the content. People have short attention spans, and they likely will not scroll to the bottom of your pages to read all of that text. Longer text also impacts how quickly your website will load. 

Instead, try using short and sweet headlines and text. If you need to include a lot of text about a certain topic or offering from your company, consider formatting it as a blog post or including links in the main text to somewhere the person can read more on that specifically. 

Remember Photo Size 

Visuals like photos and graphics are important to create an interesting design for your website. When formatting your website for mobile users, remember to keep photos at a reasonable size. Photos that are too large will take longer to load, especially on mobile, and they may not even fit on the mobile device’s screen for viewing. 

Compress images that are large file sizes, and always preview how your photos look on a mobile screen after you add a photo to your website

Don’t Include Pop-Ups 

Pop-ups may seem like a great marketing tactic to offer website visitors a special deal when they first enter your website, but they aren’t mobile-friendly. Pop-ups on mobile devices typically take up the full screen and intrude on user experience. 

The same offers that you would offer in a pop-up can easily be relocated and placed as a banner at the top of the website or call to action buttons throughout your page content. 

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