Best Ways to Increase Organic Traffic


Organic website traffic is traffic that comes to your website via a search engine like Google, but isn’t paid for. In other words, organic website traffic comes from people who don’t directly type your URL into the address bar, and don’t click on an ad to get to your website.

Increasing organic website traffic is the best way to get more potential customers to your website without investing additional money into ads. Keep reading to discover some of the best ways to increase your website’s organic traffic.

Optimize your website for your target audience

Although keywords are important, the best way to increase your organic website traffic isn’t just by stuffing your website full of them. In fact, keyword stuffing can actually decrease your traffic volume. Instead, create your website with your audience in mind. This means that when you are creating the pages and posts for your website, make sure they include the type of content people are interested in.

For most types of websites, it is good to include a home page, about page, contact page, and a blog page.

Use Internal and External Links Wisely

Linking internally on your website to other pages on your website is a good way to increase the SEO value of your website. For instance, if in a blog post you type “contact us,” then have those words link to your contact page. Increasing this SEO value will lead to a natural increase in organic website traffic.

Linking to credible external websites also will add value to your website. Make sure to check the validity of any sites you link to. If you link to websites that are phishing, scams, not operational, or broken, this can hurt the organic value of your website.

Encourage Your Current Audience to Share Your Content

Having your audience share your site’s content on their personal social media, in emails, or by linking to it on their website is a great way to signal to search engines that your website has quality content. This in turn will increase your organic website traffic. A good way to signal to your audience that you would like them to share your website or content is to add a call to action (“Share this with friends and family who may enjoy it”).

Increasing your organic website traffic takes time, so implement these tactics now. While you may not see immediate results, you should benefit from an increase in traffic.

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