How to Make Your Blog More Shareable With Images


Running an online business is a never-ending process of creating new content, which has its ups and downs. Images make your blog resources more shareable - think about reposts onto Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Images also give your audiences attractive, bite-sized takeaways.

Add these image types to your idea list, to be more creative with your blog visuals.

  • Illustrations - such as Venn diagrams are easy to follow so they are perfect for explaining steps.
  • Infographics - simplify complex processes and concepts to help audiences make decisions.
  • User-generated media - make testimonials pop with a pretty font and the human element of your existing clients.
  • Share-worthy lists - teach your ideal clients something new in a memorable format.
  • Quotes paired with relevant photos - impactful images reinforce your message.
  • Colored lines and patterns - these fun elements add your brand colors and make stock images more unique. There are many tools for customizing stock images that are affordable or even free!
  • Gifs - are perfect for grabbing attention with movement.
  • Photo collages and carousels - tell a story and hold the attention of viewers to the very end of your post.

Once you have a photo bank of these image types, change the wording and graphics to suit your post purpose.