Does Your Business Need to be Email Marketing?


In 2020, over 300 billion emails were sent every day and there were nearly 4 billion people around the world who have an email account.

With numbers like that, your business has the potential to reach many potential consumers by utilizing email marketing. Here are a few things to ask yourself to decide if email marketing is right for your business.

Can You Dedicate Time?

There are several components to sending an effective email to your leads or customers. Some of these include a headline that intrigues the recipient to want to open your email and read on, relevant content within the email, and then a quick load time for the overall email (to keep loading time down, make sure you compress images and don’t use many video clips).

Someone on your business’s team will also have to take the time to craft the email and schedule sending it on a regular basis on top of cleaning up the email list periodically.

All of these steps are easily doable, but they do take a little time.

Can You Generate Enough Content?

Whether you want your emails to be heavily text-based or contain content you produce and have posted on your website (such as blog posts), you will have to make the content to put in these emails.

Ideas for content can typically be found easily through online research. You should look for inspiration for all types of content that you can post on your website–and then include in your emails.

Can You Afford the Cost?

If you aren’t subscribed to Dataczar Connect’s all-in-one website and marketing platform, then email marketing through a different email platform may cost your business money. Typically the cost goes up as the number of contacts your business sends emails to increases.

If your business cannot take on another cost related to marketing right now, you could either invest in an all-in-one platform like Dataczar Connect, or you may have to hold off on email marketing until you can afford the secondary platform’s fees.

When done on a regular basis and with a good strategy, email marketing can be an extremely effective way to communicate with your established and potential customers. If you’re ready to get started with email marketing for your business, sign up for Dataczar Connect today.

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