Where to Find Countless Content Ideas for Free


Thinking of content ideas is hard work. However, delivering ideas with Dataczar - that's easy! To fill content gaps in publishing schedules, use search engines.

Where exactly to look for content ideas?
Search engines of popular online brands. 

Why does this work? 
People's actions control the algorithms that run these platforms; all of the latest trends and interests will show up first in search suggestions and results. 

Which search engine should you use? 
The answer depends on your community. Use a platform where your target audience is sure to hang out online.

We've highlighted the most popular websites and their search engines for you to get the timeliest and in-demand topics.

1. Instagram Stories

If you have an active and engaged audience, start with Instagram Stories. Use the 'Ask Me a Question' feature to find out what your audience wants to know. This way, you are certain of what people directly in your community want from you.

2. Google Searches

Type in generic niche keywords and let Google finish your sentence.

3. Medium

Medium is an online writing cafe for industry leaders. Use the platform to learn what's new in your space and then share your takeaways.

4. Quora

A place where people ask questions — that no one else is already discussing. Be the first to create content based on these questions in a different forum.

5. Stack Exchange

It is similar to Quora but the questions are primarily academic.

6. Answer the Public

This site offers search insights pooled from various sources. 

The Takeaway?  Choose a popular website loved by your audience. And find trending topics through the search engine.