How to Migrate a Website


Migrating a website is an activity that you or your business may need to do when you switch website hosting providers.

There are several reasons why you may need to switch your hosting provider including finding a host with better pricing, if you’ve outgrown your current hosting plan, doing a full website rebrand, or you’ve found a new hosting provider with faster servers.

Whatever the reason for migrating your website to a new hosting provider, there are a few steps your business will need to take.

The Steps

1. Make a backup of your current website

For added security, the first step you need to take is backing up your current website. This will ensure that a seamless transition takes place and that all of the pages and elements of your website migrate successfully to the new hosting platform.

2. Add your domain

This may go without saying, but your host needs to know what is your domain name. Likely your business completed this step before agreeing to services with the new host, but before fully migrating your website, make sure to check and see that the domain name is available and ready for your use.

3. Set up new email addresses

Don’t get too caught up in the logistics of migrating your physical website that your business forgets to establish new email addresses with the new host. These email addresses being linked to the right server will ensure your current and potential customers can reach your business.

4. Upload your site and see what tools your new host offers

Taking the files of your website that you backed up as the first step in this process, upload them to the new hosting server. Your host may even offer tools like unlimited web redirects that can be utilized in this step of the actual transition to enhance user experience.

Once you’ve completed all of these steps, your website should be live with the new host. Before sending tons of web traffic to your new website or running ads that direct traffic there, it is best practice to wait a few days and make sure the site is properly running and stable.

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