How to Rebrand Websites in 3 Simple Steps


Rebranding is both easy and affordable - especially when you focus on specific areas. A few tweaks can update the look and feel of your website without any large-scale changes.

Refresh Your Color Palette

Refine your current colors. Choose new color palettes as a last resort. For instance, if your brand uses bright blue, consider a subdued, light blue. Go for the opposite effect if your current colors are darker.

When you have more than three colors, consider narrowing your color scheme. Then decide on hue variations to suit different purposes.

Schedule a Brand Photo Shoot

Maybe you used stock images, or your iPhone gallery (or your old professional photos) no longer fit with the current style of your brand.

Now, however, you can afford to invest in on-brand images. Check with photographers to take pictures to align with your brand.

Helpful Hack - don't try and present yourself the way you think you should be perceived. Rather, be authentic to who you are in business while doing the shoot.

Add Social Proof

Have you made sales and gotten some good reviews? Let your customers, clients and raving fans do some talking for you. Share feedback and testimonials to serve as social proof and free advertising.

The bottom line: these three things can help you to revamp your website and establish you as the go-to in your industry.