The Beginner’s Guide to Domains


If you’ve never purchased or established a website domain before, doing so can seem like a daunting task. Fear not;we’ve put together this short and straightforward guide to help you get started with domains, regardless of your website goals.

Here are a few tips to get you started with domains.

Choose the Name that is Right for You

The domain name is what people will type in the website browser address bar to get to a website. This is the name that comes after “https://www.” Since this is so forward-facing, you will want to choose a domain name that makes sense for your business or your personal brand. If you are creating a site for a company, the domain name should be your company name. Best practice suggests that a good domain name is short, easy to spell, is free of numbers or hyphens, and ends in “.com” whenever possible.

Prior to purchasing the domain name, use a tool to see if your desired domain name is available. Once you have purchased a domain name, you cannot change the domain name. If later you desire a different domain name, you'll have to purchase an additional domain and create a redirect to the new domain from the original domain.

Choose a Reliable Hosting Service

Domain hosting is a necessary website service; an internet service manages your domain name, ensuring that your domain stays active, is available to access, and remains secure.

A domain hosting service will use their technology to connect your domain with email, the website you design on that domain, and other web-based services.

Choosing a reliable hosting service for your domain is important, because the host is responsible for important behind-the-scenes management, such as server maintenance and troubleshooting to keep the website online.

With Dataczar Connect, hosting is provided regardless of which monthly plan you are subscribed to.

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