Too Small of a Customer? 5 Ways to Win.

As designers, writers and other creative-service providers, we all want to help other business owners succeed. No matter how small. Yet, sometimes the revenue margins for creating a full digital experience don’t work in our favor. 

Dataczar Connect can help create a win-win opportunity for you and your smaller clients by:

  1. Earning you revenue
  2. Being a credible referral
  3. Building a website in 5 minutes
  4. Delivering a cost-effective digital solution for as little as $9.95 per month
  5. Providing a platform for future opportunities


Credibility and trust go a long way in creating customer relationships, so you want to be sure you’re referring a solution that will meet their requirements.

We have been in business since 2016. Dataczar Connect is focused on making a digital presence easy and cost effective for the entrepreneur and small business owner. Our solution works from day one with minimal customer input and then lets them customize later as needed.


Our system is specifically built to help the smaller business owner succeed. After a quick interview, the customer will have a branded website and digital experience with the following features: 

  • Custom domain
  • Hosting 
  • Email account with newsletter support
  • Multi-page website with analytics
  • Contact forms with email and text alerts 
  • Newsletter signup
  • Social-media links


As your customer’s business grows and more of your services are needed to enhance their digital presence, you can continue hosting with Dataczar or you can point their domain to a new service provider.


Grow your business by partnering with us. You earn commissions from any sale you refer to Dataczar Connect.

Set up a FREE Dataczar account to get a referral link and have them set up the solution on their own. OR you can create an account for them, let them set it up and continue having access to help them later. Dataczar Connect supports multiple users per account and multiple accounts per user.

Give $10, get $10, plus 10%

  1. You’ll get $10 credited to your account for every paid basic or great account you refer.
  2. Your customer will get $10 credited to their account after their first paid month.
  3. You’ll get an ongoing 10% commission on everything we charge the account you refer.
  4. You’ll also get a 10% commission on any commissions your referrals generate.

We also provide direct access to a dedicated account executive to help streamline the experience.


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