6 Must-Haves for Digital Marketing


As a business owner or brand representative, choosing to utilize digital marketing for your business or brand can be a cost-effective way to reach potential customers around the world.

If your business is ready to begin digital marketing or needs to re-evaluate the digital marketing tools that it is using, we’ve outlined six must-haves you should make sure to include.

A Website

In digital marketing, your business or brand website will act as your central hub, which means that it should be a large focus of your digital marketing.

If your business or brand doesn’t already have a website created, prioritize creating one. Here you can include other digital marketing assets such as blog posts, links to social media, newsletter sign-up forms, and more.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most powerful tools in the digital marketing world. In fact, for each $1 invested in email marketing, your business can expect an average return on investment of $42.

Your email marketing can be as frequent or infrequent as you prefer, but utilizing this tactic in some capacity is a great way to convert leads into customers and strengthen customer loyalty.


Blogging on a regular basis will help add more content to your website and naturally generate more keywords that will help the SEO value of your website as well.

Besides these reasons, blogging is a digital marketing must-have to help elaborate on your company news, highlight your product or service offerings, and get more creative than your standard website content.

Social Media

Social media is a digital marketing must-have. Your business can establish a presence on multiple platforms and create the potential to reach numerous potential customers, often at little to no cost. Additionally, social media lets you get as creative as you want with the text posts, images, or videos you post.

You may be able to determine which social media platforms are the most beneficial for your business to be on based on social media platforms’ user statistics and who your business’s target market is.

A great social media tactic across all platforms is to make sure that your posts and bio include links back to your business or brand website to drive business there.

High-Quality Images and Graphics

Across nearly all digital marketing channels from your website to your emails, you may have the need to utilize images and graphics. With this in mind, prioritize gathering high-quality images and graphics for your business or brand.

If your business doesn’t have the resources to let you take your own high-quality images or create graphics from scratch, consider using high-quality stock images as a viable substitution.

Access to Data

There is no way to track your business’s or brand’s digital marketing performance without access to data. Ensure that you have tools like Google Analytics set up to access your website data and that you know how to access data on social media channels and from your email marketing.

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