The Secret to Amazing Digital Marketing


We live in a digital world, and marketing is no exception. Digital marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience for your personal brand or business endeavors.

So, what’s the secret to amazing digital marketing that converts potential customers into loyal customers? Here are three digital marketing tips that have been proven to get results.

Digital Marketing Should Start with a Website

Creating a website should be the first step in your digital marketing efforts. The website will serve as a central hub for your brand; using other digital marketing communications (like social media posts, social media ads, a blog, or a newsletter) you can link people back to your website.

Getting started building and designing a website doesn’t have to be a complicated process. You can select a website partner like Dataczar Connect, who includes everything from hosting and domain registration to a website builder tool.

Digital Marketing Should be Ongoing

Digital marketing isn’t something that you or your business do once and then forget about. This should be ongoing. Whether you choose to post daily on social media, run social media ads that you update monthly, or send an automated weekly newsletter, digital marketing should keep you or your business top-of-mind with your contacts.

Research has shown that 59 percent of people report that emails from companies influence their purchasing decisions. With numbers like these, setting up an automated newsletter is a no-brainer.

Digital Marketing Should be Personal

One of the most common traps that people and businesses fall into is only talking about their products or services and what is new within the company. By taking this digital marketing approach, your audience may begin to think your communications are too sale-sy, and will tune you out over time.

In order to keep your audience engaged long-term, make sure to make your digital marketing personal. Highlight the personality of you or your business and make sure to be talking about topics relevant to your customer base.

For example, if you sell a product, during the holiday season it may be tempting to talk about a holiday sale you have or stocking up on your product as a holiday gift. However, if this is all you talk about from Thanksgiving until New Year’s Day, your audience will likely feel bombarded and stop caring. But when you mix in more personal content like your office’s holiday party, a fun holiday recipe in a newsletter, or just holiday wishes, your customers and audience will know that you value them.

The key to creating amazing digital marketing is simply getting started, putting content out on multiple channels, and perfecting your messaging and strategy over time.

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