Domain Extensions - The Meaning of .COM, .NET, and More


You’ve probably noticed that different websites on the internet have different endings. Most end in “.com”, but quite a few others end in “.org,” “.gov,” “.net”, or others.

These “endings” are called domain extensions (sometimes called top-level domains), and their main purpose is to classify a domain into a specific group. For example, a domain that ends in  “.gov” means that it is a government website.

Generic Domain Extensions

These are the most common types of domain extensions. Up until 2008, there were only 28 approved domain extensions,  but after that, anyone could apply for their domain extension to be approved. This is why you may see websites that end in something unique like “.beer” or “.blog.” These unique extensions are still considered generic extensions.

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .co
  • .info
  • .biz
  • .me

Sponsored Domain Extensions

These domain extensions require your company and company website to meet certain requirements before being allowed to use the domain extension. 

  • .edu
  • .gov
  • .aero
  • .mil 

Country Code Domain Extension 

A country code domain extension is exactly what it sounds like - each country has a specific extension, and in order to use that for your website, your business should be based in that country. Each country has its own domain extension, and the easiest way to lookup the country code domain extension for a certain country is with a quick search engine search. 

  • .us for USA
  • .eu for European Union
  • .uk for United Kingdom
  • .mx for Mexico 

Choosing the right domain extension is just as important as choosing the right domain name for your website. By having a choice in domain extensions, you may also be able to obtain a domain name that was otherwise occupied. For instance, if you wanted to own, but that address was already taken, you can search to see if,, or is available. Different domain extensions also allow your business to purchase multiple domains and own variations of your domain name, which in and of itself has some unique advantages.

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