Do I Need a Website Redirect?


A website redirect, or website forward, is a commonly used tactic on the internet. By implementing a website redirect, you can have your old and established website point to a new web page.

When you move home addresses, you should set up a mail forwarding address. The same holds true for web addresses: when you move web addresses, you should establish a website redirect.

Why Would I Need a Website Redirect?

Every so often you might find yourself in the position where it makes sense to redesign and relaunch your entire website, or even some specific pages. This may be because you performed an audit and found that the current website isn’t performing, or that your overall web design has become outdated.

Since your current website owns the domain you want to use and have associated with your brand, you will need to purchase a new domain name where you will launch your new website.

Your original, and desired, domain will need to stay active, but simply redirect to the new website and domain. This way, when a visitor types in the original domain or the new domain, they will always be directed to view the new website.

How Do I Get a Website Redirect?

When purchasing a domain or choosing a hosting provider, check to see if they offer free web redirects. Dataczar Connect provides unlimited web redirects with each subscription plan for our members.

When thinking about whether or not to establish a website redirect, it is important to remember that a website redirect not only improves visitors’ experiences on your website, it also helps your website rank higher on search engine results pages.

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