How Long Should My Blog Be?


When getting ready to create a blog, there is a lot that goes into it. You have to know what your subject is, who your target audience is, and then comes the big question: how long should it be? While there is no simple answer for every blog, there are ways to help yourself figure out the appropriate length for what you're trying to accomplish.

Length and SEO Correlation

There are many opinions out there about SEO and your blog. One of the most popular: There is a perfect word count that immediately boosts your SEO. This is not true! While there are many factors that contribute to your site’s SEO, the maximum number of words does not. What is important to focus on in blogs is meeting that minimum word count of at least 300 words, packing your blog full of keywords that relate to your site, and ultimately being active on your site and updating it frequently.

Know Your Audience

Understanding the relationship between the desired length and topic of your blog is very important. You want to write about something that interests your audience, while fitting the format of the post. For example, if the blog is about quick tips for cooking, you shouldn’t write a 2000 word blog;  readers won’t want to read a lengthy introduction before they get to the tips. The same principle applies to an in-depth article about an intricate topic such as open heart surgery - the reader wouldn’t expect this to be a quick 300-word read. It’s helpful to review how previous blogs have performed, and see if there was any correlation between the length and performance.

Cover All The Bases

No one wants to read a blog that fails to cover what it initially promised; the reader will see that as a waste of time and may be apprehensive about reading your future blog posts. The blog should provide an intro into the topic, the body and different points of the topic, and should provide a conclusion to finish the blog off properly.

The average blog post is about 300-700 words; long-form blog content ranges from 1000-2500 words. The length is all contingent upon the topic, audience, and the type of content your readers seem to be interested in. Just remember, whenever you are beginning a blog, be sure to think of the reader most importantly!

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