Why You Should Categorize Your Blog Content


Categorizing your posts is a simple and effective way for maintaining multiple pages on your website. You may have noticed that some websites only have one page, which can present very effectively. Alternatively, most websites have multiple pages for a broad range of content. If you have a blog on your website, are planning on adding a blog, or simply want to create posts, Dataczar makes it easy to categorize your posts to show only on specific pages!

If you have a broad range of content, a variety of products or services, or are covering multiple topics, then having multiple pages for different types of posts (content) is a great idea. It enables you and your website visitors to view pages based on their personal preferences and interests. It keeps your content organized and paints a better picture for each page. It also can allow the owner to quantify which pages are most viewed and which are least popular.

Learn how to match your posts to your pages by viewing our tutorial - Categorize Posts for Creating Pages on Your Website. DataCzar makes it easy to improve your website presentation.