Partner With Us - FAQ

General Questions

What is Dataczar Channel Partner (reseller) program?
The Dataczar Channel Partner Program is a free membership program available to eligible business owners and designers. It’s designed to strengthen our relationship with you by opening your business up to more clients and providing marketing benefits to you.

Who can become a Dataczar Partner?
If you are a legitimate business with a website and wish to apply to become a partner, please fill out this Dataczar Channel Partner Program Registration Form. Include as much detail as possible before submitting. Our onboarding team will review your application and reach out to you.

Do I have to pay to join?
No, Dataczar does not charge its Partners to join the program.

Why choose us?
Joining the Dataczar Channel Partner program will provide you with the ability to promote our products - all while earning revenue you can put towards your bottom line or contribute back to your organization. We handle the entire registration process from billing to customer service. All you do is promote our product on your website, generate sales, then collect your profit.

Is an agreement required to become a Dataczar Channel Partner?
Yes, upon approval each Partner must sign a partnership agreement in order to officially join the Dataczar Partner Program.

Commissions Questions

What is the commission rate?
How much money you make depends completely on how much you sell. Commission statements are generated based on the commission as listed in the partner agreement.

When are partner commissions paid?
Partner commissions are processed monthly and paid out within 30-45 days.

Where can I find commission statements?
To view commission statements, go to Partner Portal > Commissions > Payments.

How am I paid commissions?
Payments are processed via paypal or bank transfer after receiving the following details:

  • For Paypal transfer: Paypal ID and W8/9 form
  • For bank transfer: Letter from bank, signed and stamped, confirming bank account details and W8/9 form

Who to contact regarding questions about partner commissions?
In case you have any questions about partner commissions, please write to

Education and Support Questions

What are the prerequisites to get acquainted with Dataczar products?
You can attend the basic and advanced product training sessions to learn about our products. You can also take a look at video tutorials, presentations, and other course materials to understand our product(s) better. You can access the resources here.

Can I start reselling Dataczar products without learning about them?
Yes, you can start reselling Dataczar products but please remember that in order to advance to the next partner tier, product certification tests (which require product know-how) are mandatory.

Do you offer education and training?
Yes, levels in training and certification vary, based on partner status.

What kind of marketing support does a partner receive?
Marketing support for partners varies according to their partner status and may include support such as logos, competitor battle cards, brochures, campaign templates, market development funds etc.

Other Questions

What are my responsibilities and expectations?

What are the expected sales targets?

Do you provide professional support services for my customers?

I want to refer customers but don’t wish to sign up for the reseller partner program?
Yes, we have a Dataczar affiliate program for partners who wish to refer customers for Dataczar. You can sign up for the affiliate program here.

I have more questions regarding the Dataczar Partner Program. What should I do?
If you have any more questions, please write to us at




As your customer’s business grows and more of your services are needed to enhance their digital presence, you can continue hosting with Dataczar or you can point their domain to a new service provider.


Dataczar Connect can help create a win-win opportunity for you and your smaller clients by:

  1. Earning you revenue
  2. Being a credible referral
  3. Building a website in 5 minutes
  4. Delivering a cost-effective digital solution for as little as $9.95 per month
  5. Providing a platform for future opportunities


Credibility and trust go a long way in creating customer relationships, so you want to be sure you’re referring a solution that will meet their requirements.

We have been in business since 2016. Dataczar Connect is focused on making a digital presence easy and cost effective for the entrepreneur and small business owner. Our solution works from day one with minimal customer input and then lets them customize later as needed.


Our system is specifically built to help the smaller business owner succeed. After a quick interview, the customer will have a branded website and digital experience with the following features: 

  • Custom domain
  • Hosting 
  • Email account with newsletter support
  • Multi-page website with analytics
  • Contact forms with email and text alerts 
  • Newsletter signup
  • Social-media links


As your customer’s business grows and more of your services are needed to enhance their digital presence, you can continue hosting with Dataczar or you can point their domain to a new service provider.


Grow your business by partnering with us. You earn commissions from any sale you refer to Dataczar Connect.

Set up a FREE Dataczar account to get a referral link and have them set up the solution on their own. OR you can create an account for them, let them set it up and continue having access to help them later. Dataczar Connect supports multiple users per account and multiple accounts per user.

Give $10, get $10, plus 10%

  1. You’ll get $10 credited to your account for every paid basic or great account you refer.
  2. Your customer will get $10 credited to their account after their first paid month.
  3. You’ll get an ongoing 10% commission on everything we charge the account you refer.
  4. You’ll also get a 10% commission on any commissions your referrals generate.

We also provide direct access to a dedicated account executive to help streamline the experience.


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