Tips to Create a Social Media Funnel That Converts


Implement the following social media funnel to convert and get the highest revenue.

Build Awareness in the Social Media Funnel

At the awareness stage, introduce your brand to target audiences by addressing their challenges and setbacks with quality content. This attracts their interest and demonstrates the benefits of your products. For example, creating a post on "how to run a social media audit" with actionable steps can draw in business owners and marketers seeking solutions. Research your audience's needs thoroughly and provide relevant solutions to build interest, and show how your brand can help solve their problems.

Consideration Stage

In the consideration stage, leads seek more information about your company and products to see if they address their pain points or enhance their lives. Highlight your competitive advantages using customer testimonials, case studies, and product reviews. Provide valuable information to show why your products are the best choice, encouraging leads to move to the next stage.

Action Stage

After successfully navigating the awareness and consideration stages of the social media funnel, the action stage is where leads make the final commitment to purchase. They may click on links leading to your landing page or add items to their cart. Utilize impactful content such as product demos, webinars, customer reviews, social proof, and white papers to reinforce their decision. Employ marketing psychology techniques such as time-limited special offers, coupons, bonuses, and discounts to create a sense of urgency and FOMO (fear of missing out) among prospects.

Engagement Stage

In the engagement stage of the social media funnel, focus on retaining customers by nurturing relationships and fostering loyalty. Use your social media platforms to continuously engage with customers and keep them interested in your products. Create ongoing content that encourages repeat purchases, such as hashtag campaigns for user-generated content (UGC). You can enhance brand reach and loyalty and ensure customers remain engaged by maintaining these interactions.

Advocacy Stage

After successfully closing a sale and delivering value to your customer, the advocacy stage focuses on turning them into enthusiastic brand ambassadors. Ensuring customer satisfaction is crucial, as it determines whether they will recommend your brand to others. Offer incentives, such as discounts on future purchases, for customers who refer new buyers. This strategy encourages advocacy and generates user-generated content (UGC) through positive customer experiences shared on platforms like social media. Maintain engagement by consistently providing valuable content and a seamless user experience to foster ongoing customer advocacy and recommendations.


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