Product Research Guide to Get Profitable Products


To make more profit from your product, consider following research criteria to find the best profitable products.

Consider Selling Price

The first thing is to decide your product's selling price. For instance, in the beginning, maintain a range of $20-$50. This price point helps maintain profitability after covering selling and advertising costs while keeping manufacturing expenses low. Additionally, it falls within the "impulse purchase" range, making it more attractive to customers who might be hesitant to spend more on products from unknown brands. However, be aware that this price range can be competitive due to the lower sourcing costs.

Consider Product Size and Weight

Starting with small and lightweight products is beneficial for new or inexperienced sellers. This approach helps reduce shipping costs and simplifies inventory management. For example, sourcing a smaller item or product is easier than dealing with a large item. Consider the logistics and costs involved for large items that are in demand. If you can manage bigger and heavier products, then explore those options.

Product Simplicity

When choosing a product to sell, consider its complexity. Items with many moving parts or components that could potentially break, like electronics, can lead to significant issues if they are not of high quality. For instance, selling low-quality Bluetooth headphones can result in poor reviews, high return rates, and declining sales due to defects or malfunctions. As a new eCommerce seller, start with simple, low-maintenance products that are less likely to have these downsides and ensure a smoother selling experience.

Consider Consumable Products

Considering products in the grocery or health categories can be profitable due to repeat purchases, as customers often reorder household staples. However, these products typically have expiration dates, so it's crucial to carefully estimate demand to avoid being stuck with expired inventory. Ensure you follow relevant local and federal regulations for food or supplements and understand the specific rules of online marketplaces like Amazon. This approach will help you narrow your product search effectively, especially if you don't have a specific niche or market in mind yet.

Unique Ideas to Discover Good Products

Follow the following guidelines to get awesome products.

  • Find products of your hobbies or interests

  • Focus on trends while searching for products

  • Use Product research tools or software

  • Attend product haunting seminars or workshops

  • Search on reputable platforms, including Amazon.


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