How to Automate Repetitive Tasks to Increase Productivity


Follow the given process to automate your repetitive tasks to increase productivity and kick off your business journey.

First Pinpointing Tasks

Start by pinpointing tasks that are repetitive, time-consuming, or prone to errors within your team's workflow. To identify these tasks, engage with your team through surveys, interviews, or observation to understand their daily challenges and recurring patterns. Look for processes that cause bottlenecks or consume a significant amount of time. After identifying tasks, assess automation potential across key areas like task delegation, project planning, team collaboration, and performance monitoring.

Assessing the Automation Potential

When assessing the potential for automation, focus on repetitive and impactful tasks. Consider factors such as the frequency of the task, its complexity, and the resources required to complete it manually. Look for tasks where automation can streamline processes without compromising the need for human judgement.

Exploring Automation Solutions

Prioritize platforms that seamlessly integrate with your existing technology stack and offer scalability. Look for features like customizable workflows tailored to your specific processes, standardized request forms, and automated task assignments and reminders. Additionally, seek out platforms with app integrations, customizable labels for task organization, and AI automation capabilities for smarter decision-making.

Leverage Implementing Automation

After selecting a work management platform, implementing automation requires collaboration with IT for approvals and support, and training your team on the new processes. Begin with a small pilot project to test and refine automation processes before scaling them across the organization.

Measure the Whole Impact

Track metrics, such as the shift towards high-value work, time and cost savings, improved employee satisfaction, error reduction, increased productivity, decreased manual tasks, higher production output, platform adoption rates, and reduced meeting frequency and duration. Utilize reporting dashboards, time-tracking tools, financial analysis reports, surveys, and analytics to assess the effectiveness of automation.

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