The Ultimate Guide to Building CRM System from Scratch


Use the following step-by-step guidelines for building a CRM system.

Define Goals and CRM Type

Clarify your objectives for CRM development, such as enhancing customer experience, boosting sales, or improving internal communication. Choose the CRM type that aligns with your goals and should be collaborative, analytical, and operational.

Identify CRM Features

Decide on the features essential for your CRM, such as contact management, interaction tracking, lead management, task automation, analytics, and integrations. Match the business-related features, whether it's marketing, sales, or customer support.

Finding a Development Partner for CRM

When deciding how to build a CRM, the choice between outsourcing and in-house development is crucial. Outsourcing CRM Development is:

  • Cost saving, easy team scalability, and access to a large pool of specialists.

  • Lack of control over development, need to establish a trusting relationship.

In-House Development Offers:

  • Full control and knowledge retention.

  • Higher cost, challenging talent acquisition, retention, and limited access to expertise.

Designing the CRM System

Creating a UI/UX design for a custom CRM involves addressing unique challenges:

  • Identify User Roles

  • Create Personas

  • Logical Organization

  • Design System

  • Prioritize Data

  • Customization Options

  • Onboarding Tools

Delivery and Support

As you move from planning to coding in custom CRM development, consider the following steps:

  • Create a detailed technical specification that outlines the system.

  • Plan for migrating data from existing systems to the new CRM.

  • Build the CRM with scalability to handle future increases in data and users.

  • Develop connectors and APIs for seamless integration.

  • Ensure the CRM is responsive and accessible on various devices.

  • Follow the software testing lifecycle to identify and address issues.

  • Create documentation for developers, administrators, and end-users.

  • Plan the deployment process (staging environments and user training).

  • Be prepared to address issues and bugs.

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