3 Revenue Generating Strategies for New Startups


Founders seek any magical strategy to increase their revenue but, in reality, all startup founders should run intentional activities to generate high revenue. Here are the three best revenue-generating strategies for new startups. Let's dive in!

Start Your Startup with a Sales Driven-Approach

To make revenue from your startup, think of some revenue-focused behaviors. For instance, measure the effects of your activity and consider yourself accountable for the tasks. Remember, revenue-generating activities are following up with your customers, prospects, and investors and hitting back at your customers consistently. For instance, respond to your customers' emails, messages, or comments and generate a leading conversation to get them involved in your startup. Some revenue-generating activities with revenue-focused behaviors include:

  • Starting your selling activity by yourself

  • Measuring the effects of selling activity

  • Make yourself accountable for revenue-generating activities

  • Follow-up with clients, prospects, and investors

Sync up All Revenue Activities with Your ICPs

Align your every startup activity with ideal customer profiles (ICPs) because it directly affects every aspect of generating revenue. Aligning the revenue activity with the ICPs helps you in determining pricing strategy. For instance, you can understand how much you'll charge the customer for that product and how much you will spend to acquire a customer. Additionally, after determining the budget and ICPs, you can form channels and methods to acquire customers to generate revenue for your startup.

Spend Time Focusing on Revenue Generating Activities

This will help you generate revenue more successfully. If you have aligned your revenue-generating activities with ICPs but you are not evaluating the process and data from your activities, then you are not growing. However, to gain revenue, you should align the following steps to your ICPs:

  • Your messaging and contact

  • Your calendar and pricing model

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