5 Easy Easter Marketing Ideas to Try in 2024


Let's embrace new opportunities to promote products, increase sales, and connect with customers this holiday season. Follow some of the easiest marketing ideas to increase sales in 2024.

Create Greeting Videos

Take advantage of emerging social media channels to promote your brand and products. For instance, create an engaging short video using trending hashtags on Easter greetings and post it on all social media channels to engage your audience and connect them with your brand and product. Additionally, introduce greeting cards and event-based products on Easter events for your customers in video.

Offer Easter Giveaways on Social Media

Offer various Easter giveaways to increase brand awareness and to get more followers. Create an adorable Easter basket with a few top-selling items and offer it as a prize to loyal customers. You can offer various giveaways to your customers with:

  • Recipe eBooks for Easter meals

  • Easter themed items

  • Easter egg decoration ideas

Try User-Generated Content for the Easter Event

Let your customers share their decorated Easter eggs with amazing captions and reactions. Moreover, on this special day, post those customers' posts on your social media channels and offer a prize or incentive to one who shares an Easter egg with the best reactions and hashtags.

Use Eye-Catchy Pop-Ups on Your Website

Introduce your Easter sales and offers using amazing and eye-catching pop-ups on your online store. Additionally, create your pop-ups with the look of an Easter egg or Easter bunny. On top of it all, make them clear and visible to ensure more clicks.

Leverage Email Marketing

Easter is the best occasion to improve your email marketing campaigns. For instance, create the best content, offer sales and discounts, announcements/updates, and send Easter wishes to your segmented customers. Additionally, engage them by integrating video in email to get more click-through rates.

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