A Comprehensive Guide on Keyword Research for Social Media Content


How to find the relevant keywords that can help in ranking my website? This is the post where you get detailed guidelines to find relevant keywords for your social media content. Here's a comprehensive guide to finding keyword research!

First, Check Your Existing Rankings

If you have your website, first check your existing ranking status because you'll be ranking for some keywords. You can check your existing status by visiting Google Search Console. Then, go to performance and search results and check all the boxes at the top. Moreover, see the "Queries" section to check 1000 plus queries related to your keywords. You'll also check the "Clicks", position, CTR, and impressions for existing keywords.

Search a Keyword Database

Searching a keyword database is the best way to find the keywords to stand among the crowd of Google content. You can search a keyword database via various tools, like the Keyword Magic Tool. Searching a keyword database helps you to understand all keywords, broad match keywords, phrase match, exact match, and many other related keywords that you can use for your social media content, including a website or any social media post.

Perform Keyword Gap Analysis

Keyword gap analysis lets you identify the keywords on which your competitors are ranking, but you are missing those. Keyword gap analysis tools help you to find the best keywords on which your competitors are ranking. Enter your domain and your top competitors’ domain by using the keyword gap analysis tool.

Consider Search Suggestions in Search Engines

Have you noticed when you type something in the Google search bar, Google itself auto-completes your word. That is the best way to identify major queries relevant to your niche that people search for on Google. Also, choose the keywords that appear in SERPs and try various keyword search tools.

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