Understanding the Web CTA Placement Strategy in 2024


Creative CTAs help in recognizing user behavior and driving more conversions on-site. CTA placement and aesthetic creation matter to boost the conversion rate on website pages. Here's a strategy for CTA placement in 2024 to get more leads. Let's dive in!

Place the CTA above the Fold

Always place the CTA in the visible area of your webpage where people don't need to scroll down to reach it. For instance, you can place a "SHOP NOW" button on the landing page of an e-commerce site to grab the audience's attention.

Place CTA after Providing Value

It is always an effective placement strategy to place your CTA after providing valuable and informative content. For instance, describe the service benefits you are offering and then place the button "Sign up for free trial" so that readers can take action.

Place in Line with Content

You can increase content engagement by placing the CTA button in the body of relevant content on the web page. For instance, if you are writing a post about meditation, then place the button "Join the Yoga training for free" where you are using the word Yoga.

Place at the Sidebar

Think of headers and footers, and imagine the user will constantly view these CTAs by scrolling the webpage. Sidebar CTA remains accessible and given to user. You can add buttons like "Contact us today" as such buttons remain accessible under any position on the user's page.

Place at the End of the Page

After thoroughly viewing the entire page and at the end, users can view the CTA button, which will increase their interest in your webpage and service or product. For instance, at the end of the page, you can place the button "download free eBook, download full research article".

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