Practical Guide to Use Banner Ads for Promoting Your Business


Banner ads are the most crucial element of your website, product, or service, and they must look impressive and attractive. Here is a practical guide to improve the banner ads strategy and design.

Avoid Stuffing Your Page and Ads

Make impressive ads attractive to your website rather than stuffing too many ads on your page because it will affect user experience. Moreover, don't add more content to your ads because banner ads are only for introducing your brand.

Use Relevant and High-Quality Images

Decide color, size, and format wisely for your banner ads. The size of your banner ad should be appropriate and visible. Select the colors that compliment website colors and choose a square format to ensure visibility.

Include Call-To-Actions

CTAs in your banner ads encourage the visitors to take the next step and add CTAs that are clear, visible, and of your benefit. For instance, you can add CTA to the newsletter and ask the visitors to join your newsletter by clicking on CTA.

Don’t Use Flash Banners

Flash banners slow down your browser and cause difficulty with other devices, and flash banners are not appropriate to use in banner advertising.

Offer Discounts

Offering discounts and promotions via your ads is a practical banner ad approach. For instance, you can ask the visitors to click on your ads and take them to the next page where your website is offering a 10% discount on items.

Use Animations and Motion Designing in Your Banner Ad

Add animation and transition effects in your banner ads to make them appealing and clickable. Such graphic designs in your banner ads are the best attempt to incorporate movement into your commercials.

Keep Appealing Headings

Clear headings help the visitors understand the purpose of advertising and ensure they are appealing by focusing on color, font boldness, and all aspects of designing headings.

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