The Biggest Secret to Dealing with People


Do you want to deal with people effectively, or want them to do anything for you? Give them what they want to get the desired results. Here is the biggest secret of dealing with people from the wise book "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie. Let's delve into this biggest secret.

Let The People Do Something by Making Them Want to Do It

The only secret to dealing with people effectively is giving them what they want and, in return, getting what you want. The one desire inside people is "to be important, to be great." People want to fulfill their desires, whether by committing crimes, adopting fashion, or doing something great to satisfy this desire. So, deal with people by knowing their desires and identifying their cravings. For instance, deal with people according to their behaviors in personal, professional, and social life.

The Only Secret to Dealing Is to Make Them Feel Important

The biggest secret is making people feel important to build healthy relationships in the office and society. Make sure to add the following insights in dealing with people.

Genuine Appreciation and Not Flattering

As a business leader, influence people by encouraging and praising them instead of scolding and discouraging them. For instance, people need appreciation, so fulfill their desire for appreciation because they might leave you due to a lack of appreciation. Think of giving sincere appreciation and praise to people to let them stay with you forever in your personal and professional dealings.

Don't Give Hard Criticism

Criticizing can hurt them and may keep them far away from developing healthy relationships. The only secret is to influence and deal with people effectively and make them "feel important" and give honest appreciation. Hurting people with hard criticism can ruin your influence, and you don't get what you want from others.


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