Essential Ways to Cross-Promote Social Media Posts


Don't forget to deliver consistent brand messages across all your social media platforms, and an effective way is to cross-promote your social media profiles to engage your maximum audience with your message.

Cross-Promotion Is Different from Cross-Posting

The same posts on all social media platforms will not engage the customers, but this cross-posting will repeat the content. On the flip side, do cross-promotion of your content by thinking about a few ways to engage your specific audience on every platform by catering to your unique brand message.

Add Links to Your Social Media Profiles

Include a social media profile link on any platform you are signing in. For instance, you can add social media profile links to your YouTube channel and other social media channels.

Add Images to Your Social Media Posts

Include the images on your social media platforms, but remember, on every platform, adjust the format according to the space. For instance, on Facebook, you can post your images with text and create with some effort for Pinterest. Moreover, you can add images to the Twitter timeline. You can cross-promote your images on all channels but avoid posting the same images with the same format and designs.

Create Customized Tracking URL Links

Post a few pieces of content from your website and create unique tracking URLs to understand from where clicks are coming. For instance, if you post one piece of content on various channels, your tracking URL will let you know more engagement and understand the low interaction on content from which platforms come.

Promote Your Specific Event to Other Platforms than One Specific

If you are posting one specific event on Facebook or Twitter, then add that specific event on other social networks. Many people are only bound to use one specific platform to post content but to cross-promote your posts, it’s crucial to share on all channels.


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