Three-Tier Blogging Strategy for Increasing Revenue


Accelerate your profit growth with a content marketing strategy that effectively appeals to beginners, intermediates, and experts alike.

Tier 1: Blogging Strategies for Beginners - A Roadmap to Influence and Education

Distribute a significant 50%half of your blog technique for writing content for beginners to offer them a masterpiece. This educating content is the pillar articles or skyscraper content that will serve as focal points for both internal and external links. Target long-tail keywords when it might be challenging to rank for high-traffic terms optimizing long-tail keywords. If you want to generate revenue via buyer's persona methodology, create "how-to" titles because they offer significant content.

Tier 2: Intermediate Insights - Delving Deeper for Informed Readers

Consider 25% of your blogging strategy for intermediate audiences who crave more in-depth insights. These readers are educated but not yet experts and want influential content to keep them engaged. Dive into your knowledge base and your industry's history and successes.

For example, if you run a car shop, create content delving into the rich history of specific car models. This approach subtly introduces the performance parts available for these models through internal links and in-text CTAs.

Tier 3: Expert-Level Insights - Catering to the Ready-to-Buy Audience

Write for the experts in the last tier who want to make informed choices and center on long-tail keywords that are seasoned professionals in your niche. You can make content that makes sense of complex insights regarding specific items or services. If you offer kitchen gardening services, educate your audience about plant kinds and benefits and highlight the options that are available online.

Concentrate on low-volume but highly relevant keywords to drive substantial sales with less effort. You target a knowledgeable audience primed to make purchasing decisions in this tier.


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