In The Spotlight: Neriah's Heart Co.


Neriah's Heart Co. is a skincare business founded by Desirae Biggs in 2022. Specializing in skin care for women and men using essential oils and plant-based ingredients, she offers a range of products including body oils, body butters, facial scrubs, and more. 

The mission of Neriah's Heart Co. is to offer people the highest quality skincare products. Desirae's vision extends beyond skincare, as she plans to create a men's line that includes products such as beard care. Recognizing the significance of establishing early skincare habits, she also aims to develop a children's line, promoting a lifelong commitment to caring for one's skin. Additionally, she seeks to expand her business to include psychological life coaching, emphasizing the importance of mental health as part of self-care and offering low-cost coaching for individuals who cannot afford expensive therapies.

Target Audience:
Neriah's Heart Co. primarily caters to women aged 20-50, although women of all ages can benefit from their products. By tailoring skincare solutions to specific age groups and individual needs, the business ensures a personalized experience for each customer.

Desirae has achieved several significant milestones along her business journey, including obtaining her business license, publishing her first eBook, earning a bachelor's degree, and currently pursuing a graduate degree with a focus on mental health.

Competitive Advantage:
What sets Neriah's Heart Co. apart from competitors is their commitment to providing exceptional customer service and attention to detail. Desirae goes above and beyond, involving herself in every step of the customer's journey, from the initial contact to the moment they open their package. This personal touch combined with a genuine love and passion for skincare creates a unique and memorable experience.

Implementation of Dataczar:
Neriah's Heart Co. relies on Dataczar for various aspects of its business operations. The platform is utilized for website management, payment processing, rewards programs, and cataloging. With its user-friendly interface and extensive range of tools, Dataczar emerges as the preferred choice over other platforms, including Etsy. The comprehensive features and streamlined processes offered by Dataczar empower Desirae to efficiently manage her business, enabling her to focus on delivering exceptional skincare products and services to her customers.

Customer Testimonials:
Neriah's Heart Co. has received 5-star reviews from satisfied customers who have experienced the benefits of their products. Customers appreciate the effectiveness of the skincare solutions and the personalized attention they receive throughout their skincare journey.

Lessons Learned and Future Plans:
Desirae's business journey has taught her the value of patience and dedication. During slower periods, she contemplated giving up, but her perseverance paid off. She learned that success takes time and that consistent effort yields positive results. In the future, she plans to expand her business by pursuing her passion for psychological life coaching, providing customers with the tools to prioritize their mental well-being.

Fun Facts:
Desirae's favorite quote, "If you knew how deep people actually suffer, then their behavior wouldn't surprise you," highlights her empathy and understanding towards others. It reflects her commitment to addressing both physical and mental health issues, ensuring a holistic approach to skincare and overall well-being.

Neriah's Heart Co. is more than just a skincare business; it is a reflection of Desirae's passion for helping others and promoting self-care. By offering high-quality products, personalized customer service, and a future focus on psychological life coaching, Neriah's Heart Co. aims to improve the lives of its customers. With the support of Dataczar's platform, Desirae continues to grow her business, making a positive impact on people's lives, one skincare routine at a time.

Visit Neriah's Heart Co. website and embark on a journey towards healthier, radiant skin and enhanced well-being.