6 Major Deposits to Build an Emotional Bank Account


In "7 Habits of Highly Effective People." Stephen Covey emphasizes the importance of building strong relationships by making "emotional deposits" in others. Just as a financial bank account requires deposits to grow, emotional bank accounts require positive interactions and actions to build trust, respect, and mutual understanding.

The Six Major Deposits.

Understanding the Individual

Making an effort to understand the unique needs, perspectives, and concerns of the other person in business.


Paying attention to the person and showing genuine interest in what they have to say.

Keeping Commitments

Following through on promises and being dependable.

Clarifying Expectations

Ensuring that both parties have a clear understanding of each other's expectations.

Apologizing Sincerely

Apologizing when you have made a mistake and taking steps to make things right.

Congratulating the Successes

Celebrating the successes and accomplishments of others.

By making these deposits, individuals can build strong and trusting relationships that allow for open and effective communication, collaboration, and mutual support.


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