In the Spotlight: Paul Garwood Coaching


In this episode of Business Spotlight, we had the privilege of sitting down with none other than Paul from Paul Garwood Coaching

Prepare to be motivated and inspired by Paul, a coach who empowers at-risk youth and athletes. Paul was inspired initially by the birth of his child, and knew he had to make a difference. He works with a growth mindset and provides individual empowerment to help young people overcome personal challenges. He coaches athletes and individuals to help them develop, gain self-awareness. When he started his business, he wanted to give back to the community and make a difference in the lives of young people.

One of the tools that Paul uses to run his business is Dataczar. He has 5 websites and a blog with Dataczar, and he loves the platform. Dataczar helps him manage his online presence.

Paul's proudest moment in his business was helping a young person with low self-esteem. He tutored the young person and helped build their self-esteem and confidence. Thanks to Paul's support, the young person received a 4-year scholarship to college.

One of the biggest challenges Paul faces in his business is getting parents to "buy in" to his concepts and see that they work. But Paul loves gaining the trust of a young person and helping them enjoy being a child.

Paul's favorite quote, as told to him, is "Although you may evade the police a thousand times, they only need to catch you once to make it count." It's a powerful reminder that one mistake can alter your life forever.

In summary, Paul's business is all about empowering at-risk youth and athletes to overcome personal challenges. As a valued customer of Dataczar, he uses our platform to manage his online presence. We thank Paul for his patronage and for entrusting us with his online branding needs.