The Power of Your Subconscious Mind in Your Success


Your subconscious mind is a formidable power to be reckoned with. It accounts for over 95% of your brain's processing power and is responsible for everything your body needs to function properly, from consuming and breathing to digesting and remembering. You can learn a lot more by reading the famous book called “Think and Grow Rich” by the successful author Napoleon Hill.

When you think about it, it's a bizarre thing. The subconscious mind isn't creative, doesn't get humor, and remembers everything you've ever done, said, or seen. The conscious mind, the remaining 5% of your brain, exists solely to interact with the physical environment.

By regaining control of your subconscious mind, being aware of and in tune with it, you can reclaim control of your life and achieve virtually whatever you choose. This is because you can think it will happen when your subconscious and conscious minds work together to attain a shared goal.

Have a Visualization of Your Success

When it comes to dipping into your subconscious mind so you can achieve whatever you want, the first and most critical step is to imagine what you want. According to Michigan State University research from 1996, 46 percent of patients who got instructions in graphics were more likely to stick to their homecare plan.

Practice Having a Connection With Your Mind

Meditation has long been known as a powerful tool for connecting with your subconscious mind and understanding how it works. Even ten minutes of practice per day can have a significant impact on the way your mind works and your overall health.

Developing Writing Skills Is a Great Start

Writing from the subconscious mind may appear to be an esoteric concept at first glance. Whether you want to start a daily journal or create a narrative, you'll be amazed to learn that the subconscious mind influences what we write, and that journaling is a terrific method to connect with it.

Our subconscious mind absorbs a tremendous amount of information and ideas, much of which does not even get through our conscious mind, making it a valuable resource for putting thoughts on paper or on a computer screen. Writing also allows you to access your hidden emotions and thoughts.

Setting Objectives

You may have goals in your mind that you think about every now and then, but it does not mean they’re goals you’re aiming towards. Dr. Gail Matthews found that 43 percent of persons who write down their goals and objectives on a daily basis are more likely to attain them.

Even if you write down the same thing every day, the process of writing and reading them back to yourself is a terrific method to get your subconscious mind in touch with what your conscious mind wants, and it may begin taking measures to make it happen.


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