In the Spotlight: Lauralee Photography


For this Business Spotlight, we met up with Laura of Lauralee Photography

Lauralee Photography offers canvas art (5x7 and 8x10 with eagles on the back) and larger sizes for wall art.

Laura wanted a website to showcase her artwork, so she turned to Dataczar, a website development tool that has helped her to achieve this.

Laura has years of experience and has loved photography since she was a child. Along life's journey, she has learned there is beauty everywhere if you only look. "I take things that are ordinary and everyday to most people and turn them into art." She hopes you enjoy her art as much as she enjoys sharing it.

Laura tells us, without hesitation, her biggest source of inspiration: "My children." She went on to explain that they had grown up seeing her take snapshots all the time.

When asked what her biggest win would be, she responded, "If the business is successful, my husband wouldn't have to work. He's supported me from day one."

Her biggest challenge is coming up with images at a distance for her website, due to minor vision challenges.

An interesting moment for her while working was when she saw a bald eagle family and a white squirrel; she had never seen either before in real life.

She enjoys going to vendor fairs and meeting people because she will always find something interesting to photograph. Anytime she visits one of these gatherings, she finds something that inspires her. 

The next time you're looking for canvas art, keep an eye out for this creative soul behind the lens! You won't want to miss the opportunity to see what amazing photos she comes up with when capturing the moment.