6 High-Profit Digital Products to Sell Online


Here are the top types of digital products listed below to sell online to get a high profit. Let's dive in!

Educational Products

Online courses demand some upfront work, such as making a presentation or a video walk-through. You can incorporate quizzes, knowledge tests, and interactive exercises to assist the learning information and make your e-course more engaging.

Licenses to Use Your Digital Assets

You can charge for the usage of your top-quality images, films, music, software, and other digital assets in your own shop and through online marketplaces like stock photo websites by providing licenses to individuals and companies.

Membership Site

To make recurring revenue, you can group digital products together and hide them behind a monthly membership rather than concentrating on how to sell them separately. Paid digital subscriptions can occasionally even present a chance for you to directly monetize your current content marketing initiatives.

Digital Templates & Tools

You can market digital solutions to the audience's problems and requirements. For instance, templates for:

  • Digital marketing strategies for business owners
  • Resumes for job seekers & mobile applications for business
  • Graphic design used in brochures, flyers, and posters.
  • UX, typefaces, or icons Web designer kits

Music or Art

A singer can offer ringtones, and a cartoonist could create print-on-demand items, phone wallpapers, or printable versions of their work. Online film sales are one option for filmmakers. Online digital products don't require you to maintain any inventory. So you may test out various forms to discover what your audience prefers without taking too much risk.


You can present some services as bundles with worthwhile digital goods. Many services include digital things in "buying" for customers. The logos will come from a designer. A workout schedule could be given by a personal trainer.


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