Newsletter for Small Business Sales Funnels


Let's get started with creating a newsletter for small business sales funnels. Let's examine each one and discover how to put it up.

Triggered Email Funnel

The use of triggers for follow-up on prior interactions with your target audience is highly recommended. It enables you to contact your leads as soon as possible when they are most interested in your company. Email campaigns can be personalized and automated to be triggered when a contact:

  • Gets tagged
  • Is included in a list.
  • Fills out a form on your website.
  • A link in an email is clicked.

Triggered email funnels can help you increase your email open rates by being triggered to be delivered at the appropriate moment, in response to specific user activity, and having the potential to be highly tailored. You can use triggered emails for emails announcing new products.


A sort of automatic email is an autoresponder. It can be one or more emails sent to a few recipients on your email list and is initiated by a specific contact action. Such as:

  • Making contact with you.
  • Complete a contact form.
  • Enroll in a lead magnet.
  • Purchasing a good.

Emails from auto responders are ideal for use as confirmation emails.

Drip Campaigns

A drip email funnel is a series of automated emails that are sent at specific times. Consequently, targeting email users to get a particular outcome. It is an email series that contains every email in the email sales funnel.

Behavioral Email Workflows

Workflows for automated conversations are more of a comprehensive campaign. It consists of an automated email system that's tailoring depends on customer behavior and data. You may develop a behavior-based newsletter sales funnel with Automizy's simple visual automation builder.


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