5 Powerful Ways to Use Content Marketing


Here are 5 powerful content marketing tactics to keep you on track.

Teach a Class

Teaching a class then writing an article, email, podcast, or creating a video, is the ultimate format of providing meaningful information.  Create a course that instructs learners in a useful skill. Any industry can instruct its workers on "How-to" lessons by distributing certifications.

Try New & Unique Things

Mix up your formats & Study your data in depth.  Photos and videos work better on Instagram than words do on LinkedIn. Use storytelling and learn how it is improved by using content such as infographics and videos.

Finding compelling brand stories through data storytelling can be a very effective strategy. Tell fresh & new stories to attract more audiences and build trust.

Engage With Podcasts

Format your podcast with a political debate with prominent content creators talking about hot topics in your industry. Find a format that puts an interesting spin on podcasting for your 2023 content marketing efforts. An online shop selling power tools might interview leading contractors, asking them how projects are changing.

Create Stunning Videos

Engage in a few straightforward video tactics in 2023.

Create a podcast that includes both audio and video.

Make a movie version of each of your company's top-performing blog posts using your analytics and conversion tracking tools.

Make videos available on your website. Share your video material on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube but also on your business's website. Directly embed your videos on pertinent pages.

Launch an Editorial Newsletter

The newsletter offers up-to-date information and connections to your website and might even mention your products now and then. Reuse blog or social media posts but also develop new content for newsletters. The following is a fictitious newsletter example.

Supply store for crafts: Make a list of crafting instructions for the public.


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