5 Tips to Ask for Referrals From the Audience via Email


Here is the list of 5 pro tips for asking for referrals via email. Let's dive in!

Phone-Based Referral Requests (Including Script)

Prepare a script and use this script in conjunction with the recommendation email template if your customer service team is unsure how to request referrals. They might transmit your emails to a potential customer if you regularly run a referral campaign. You might also use this opportunity to request client testimonials.

Requesting Referrals Face to Face Is Always the Best

It's not particularly difficult to connect with a client online and speak with them because the majority of professionals use a variety of apps to book meetings. This is possibly the most effective strategy and will produce wonderful results for you.

It is a good idea to rehearse before asking for referrals face-to-face if you are unsure how to do it.

Use Net Promoter Score to Increase Referrals

Companies and agencies have long used the Net Promoter score to gain a deeper knowledge of client satisfaction; it is nothing new.

Net Promoter Score is a survey that begins with one question: "How likely are you to suggest our services?"

Be Specific With Your Referral Request

Be as explicit as possible when asking for clients if you are seeking them for a certain project. Don't just rely on your clientele to refer you to people who they believe may benefit from your services.

Share Your Customer’s Work

Sharing your customers' work to get referrals gives you the chance to display your work caliber and also advances the popularity of your clients. You might easily get more referrals by showcasing your greatest work in your social media groups or just on your website.


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