Ways to Create Content For Every Stage Of The Buyer's Journey


You may start developing content for your customer at various phases after understanding your buyer's persona, so the detailed guide is here.

Awareness Stage

Your top-of-the-funnel audience is at this point, aware of their issues and eager to learn more about how to resolve them. Therefore, you want to let them know about your business and how it can help them with their problems. The content categories to publish are:

  • Informational intent blog posts
  • Videos
  • Infographics

Interest Stage

At this point, customers are aware of your company's existence and are interested in learning more. Put your best foot forward moving ahead without trying to make a sale with your content. Since they haven't yet gotten to that point in the funnel, you shouldn't ask them to buy your goods.

The content to increase your sales funnel:

  • Navigational Intent Content
  • Social proof

Desire Stage

People search for options to help them solve their difficulties at this point in the buying process. This section puts your brand front and center as you demonstrate how your company can meet its needs. Whether or not your prospects choose to follow you depends on how you conduct yourself in the stuff you provide here.

Thus, you ought to publish

  • Commercial intent blog posts
  • Webinars

Action Stage

People who are at this point in the buying process are prepared to make a purchase. They are sufficiently interested in your product and have the means to buy it. The information in the action stage is not a sales pitch, to be clear. It needs to persuade them to buy a brand-new good or service from you. Thus, produce the content:

  • Transactional Intent Content
  • White paper


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