Test Calls to Action Buttons to Increase Your Sales Through Content


Test true Call-To-Action buttons in your content to generate more leads and get high sales via online content.

Takeaway: Try out several button colors, but avoid overusing them because readers will find them distracting. Run a split test to find the best size/color combination for your prospects and overall marketing strategy.

Use the CTAs that complement your content and customer needs:

Use Action- Packed Test

The writing on call-to-action buttons should be bold and directive. Replace uninteresting verbs like "submit" and "enter" with verbs like "obtain," "reserve," and "try." Your call to action should be accompanied by text that is specific to your offer, such as:

  • Reserve Your Seat
  • Begin Our Free Trial
  • Download Whitepaper

Snazzy Button Shapes

 The button shape is quite important when creating the ideal CTA button. You must decide whether you prefer a button with square edges or one with a more rounded appearance. It's difficult to say which approach performs better in this situation because both are widely used and both can succeed in various contexts. In the end, you'll have to experiment with shapes to find which ones suit your business the best.

Cart Calls to Action

The most time should be spent A/B testing the cart and purchase buttons on e-commerce websites. Conversion rates can be significantly impacted by even minor changes to cart buttons. Offer buttons for PayPal and other payment methods if you have them.


Having a PayPal button can be a great motivator. There have been MANY occasions when you have lunch orders but have been too slow to dig out a credit card and had to proceed only thanks to PayPal.


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