How to Start Earning Through Blogging


There are several business models to follow to start blogging and earn handsome money.

Ads Monetization

Offer advertising on your blog to make money! Businesses who wish to feature alongside your content can directly contact you and request advertising space on your website. It's referred to as a direct deal. Additionally, you can have an ad network, like Google AdSense, to sell your ad space.

Do Affiliate Marketing

Recommend products in your blogs and earn money! Affiliate marketing is when you include a link in your content to a product or service for sale on another site. When someone clicks the link on your site, goes to the affiliate's site and proceeds to buy the product you've endorsed, you earn a commission on the sale. There are several options for promoting affiliate items in informational, how-to, and lifestyle articles.

Offer Physical or Digital Products to Your Audiences

Sell things to make money from your blog. Many bloggers develop an online store, start selling products, and establish a presence on an eCommerce platform to monetize their blogs. You may sell both physical and digital products.


The usage of a paid membership or subscription model is an additional strategy you can employ to use your quality content to earn money over time. You can generate recurring income in the business model by requesting a membership or subscription fee from readers, usually monthly or yearly. This type of continuous cash flow presents the possibility for a more consistent, accurate, and reliable revenue source.


You can monetize your blog through training. You could make money by setting up and charging for online courses or coaching packages if your blog lends itself to training services. Offering live video, tutoring, and getting paid for your time is another way to increase your income.


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