Get Started With Small Business Video Marketing


Get Started With Small Business Video Marketing


To start your video strategy, walk through three of the best, most powerful videos you can produce. Let's start now!

Product Explainer Video

While creating a product explainer video, it's simple to concentrate on highlighting the features of your product However, you should concentrate on the issue that you resolve for your target market. Here are some pointers to get you started:

Remember to Show, Not Just Tell

The most crucial thing to remember while creating product explainer videos is to demonstrate the products. Never blindly explain how your product can assist customers to solve their problems.

You can choose between live-action, a screencast, or a combination of both types of videos to graphically demonstrate the advantages of your product.

Choose the Correct Length For Your Video

Your product explainer video needs to be brief and keep the duration between 90 and 120 seconds to grab (and hold) the audience's attention. However, if you've already captured your audience's interest, you can lengthen and enlarge your movie.

Write Script With The Product Team

Working from a solid screenplay is one of the secrets to producing a fantastic product explanation video. Collaborate with groups who are familiar with the product to get your script off to the correct start. This will make sure that the messaging you use to market your products is clear and entirely true.

Key stakeholders should see the script after you have it and before you shoot the video. They might make improvements that would make your product messaging even stronger.

Advanced Tip!

Get started with live webinars.
Also, offer frequently asked questions in live videos.
Small how-to-do videos about products.


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