Discount Email Ideas and Examples to Drive Purchases


Discounts and other promotions can significantly increase your sales, and you guessed it; discount emails can encourage customers to make purchases.

Add Suspense to Establishing Surprise Sale Discounts

Nothing catches a customer's attention more than a surprise sale that includes a unique discount. Is it 50% off or 30% off, or perhaps 20%? Using eye-catching graphics and gifts encourages customers to click to view their bargain, increasing site traffic and possibly generating a transaction.

Remind the Client that a New Order is Due

Encourage clients to make a repeat purchase by combining the offer with a replenishment email. Question the customers in the subject line of an email if they are "Running Low?" and offered free shipping on orders over $49.

In The Topic Line, Mention The Discount

Increase the likelihood that clients will make a purchase by mentioning the promotional offer in the subject line. "Free 2-Day shipping," Everlane proclaimed, Nice." This should be the email's subject line, and also recommend some well-known products within the email.

Put Gift Guides In

Tell the consumer they may save money on gifts for the upcoming festivities and include the gift guide in the promotional email. You can provide gift ideas and a 40% discount for the forthcoming holiday season.

Offer a Discount To New Subscribers As a Welcome

That's exactly what this Case-Mate welcome email does. The subject line immediately informs the user that they are receiving a discount because they have just subscribed. And the promotional email prominently displays this discount code.

Case-Mate placed links to their many product categories just beneath the arresting image to make it simpler for the subscriber to begin shopping. They make it incredibly simple for new subscribers to convert to paying clients.


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