Ways to Monetize Your Blog to Get 100% Traffic


It indeed takes time to make money from blogging, but it is possible. Just understand the stage you're in and start your work from there.  Let’s learn how to monetize your blog to get 1000 visitors per day. The key is to provide potential clients and customers with direct access to knowledge. People want to acquire new abilities or make improvements in particular areas, which is the main factor explaining why working as a coach in your field might help you make extra money.

Be an In-Demand Freelance Blogger

Advertise your freelance blogging services via Facebook advertisements, frequent internal blogging, social media marketing, and guest posting on popular blogs. But ultimately, satisfied customers will recommend you to other people.

Create and Sell Highly Demanding Online Courses

Get 1000 visitors on the blog per day. Online courses are seen as having more value than just blog entries. This is so that your intended audience won't be able to guess how long it took you to produce.

Create a High-Converting Funnel

Recommend products on your blog. A marketing funnel is designed to draw in new prospects and transform them into leads. Further, closing the sale by turning them into customers and then delighting them once they have bought your product.

Do partner with influencers in product creation and launch a virtual summit at your blogging site.


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