Tips to Structure Promotional Emails for Increasing Sales


Let's investigate how to create a promotional email that is opened and results in conversions.

Learn About Your Potential Customers and Target Market

Your target audience or customers won't convert if the email content doesn't speak to them. If you can, acquire and evaluate enough information to comprehend their issues and how your offerings might be able to address them. Understanding your clients' problems, what inspires and motivates them and their requirements and wants makes writing promotional emails simpler.

Establish a Goal and CTA

Every marketing email must have a distinct goal and call to action. Your email content will be improved by beginning with your end in mind.

A call to action need not always require a purchase. You may ask readers to send the email, go to your website for further information, or submit a form to schedule an initial appointment.

Use a Straightforward Email Format

The following is a typical email format for promotional emails:

  • introductory text
  • a heading
  • An opening statement (customized with the client's first name or last name)
  • principal mail message (consider the different stages of the sales funnel and customer lifecycle)
  • A CTA button.

Test, Follow, and Gauge the Information

To make sure your emails are effective with your audience, test them on various devices, screen sizes, and platforms. Additionally, providing both an HTML and a plain-text version can aid conversions for people who receive emails on Smartwatches or live in a region with intermittent wifi.

Develop Email Automations

Here is a few email automation you might want to use:

  • a post-purchase email with a brief thank you and customer support information
  • a post-purchase email with a how-to for your product's initial use by the customer
  • based on previous purchases, a new product launch email


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