Choosing Newsletter Formats in 2023 for Small Businesses


Choosing a design that can be modified successfully. Here are a few starting point suggestions!

The Template That Matches the Content

Some themes may even offer content concepts opposite your choice. Find a template that has components similar to what you have combined. For instance, you don't want to download a template that calls for several photos if you don't have sharp photographs. Try to find something a little more efficient. ​

Include Calls to Action

Look for buttons in the template that stand out. A strong call to action should include bold colors and a sizable button surrounded by white space. Combine a compelling button design with a link that people will eagerly click.

Fit Your Brand Styles

Email newsletters should reflect your brand's aesthetic. When you receive an email, it should be consistent with other messages from your company, including social media and website design. To maintain visual coherence, choose a template that matches the appearance and feel of other brand components.

It Can Be Customized

Decide on a customizable newsletter template. You should choose a template that's easy to change text, colors, typefaces, and artwork of your brand.

Feature a Responsive Format

Probably a majority of your openings will take place on a mobile device. For those users, the email should appear exactly as wonderful as it does for desktop opens. Without a responsive email template, your open and click-through rates could suffer greatly.

The Template Should Be Reusable

Choose a format that is adaptable and one you can envision yourself utilizing in various contexts. Email layouts with lots of whitespaces can be more versatile than those with high-design elements.  Choose the format that can adjust your interactive brand images and the format that can fit your brand logo.


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